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Maybe you've worked with a handful of clients in your in person business or practice, but you want to gain location and time freedom instead of back to back appointments that drain you. 

You're done jumping from course to course and coach to coach with nothing really working. 

You want to know exactly what it takes to quickly grow your coaching or online business- and have accountability and support to keep you on track.  

You want to FINALLY learn how to "Automate" leads and sales to your inbox so you have more time to LIVE life and IMPACT the world in your zone of GENIUS!! 

That's what this unique program is for!  

This 8 week client incubator was created to help you successfully launch or scale your business and get you signing 3+ clients per month and also create a profitable signature course ASAP.

IMAGINE WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WITH A PROGRAM THAT... Gives you access to Tiana personally and her network of people who will support and guide you with your mindset, business ideas, FB ads, tech and sales. Includes the structure of a group mastermind program, so you know exactly what steps to take to grow your business even on the days you don't talk to your coach.

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We only work with people who we feel confident we can support to achieve these results. Your success is our success. 

She launched her course idea in 2 months and generated over $178,000 in new sales.

Cathy Heller is now one of the top rated podcasters with the podcast, "Don't Keep Your Day Job" and also a professional singer/songwriter with songs in TV/Film and Ads with her company, Catch the Moon Music.

When we first started working together Cathy had no list, had no automated list building or sales funnels, and was replying to every sale via paypal.

After working together we built her list to her niche audience to the thousands, built out her first funnels and she launched a new course within 2 months and closed over $178,000 in new sales with an automated process. 

Since our time together she used her skills and new online marketing knowledge to grow multiple courses and even has a top podcast on iTunes "Don't Keep Your Day Job" (which you should check out- it's awesome! 

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We only work with people who we feel confident we can support to achieve these results. Your success is our success. 

Inspired Mommy Boss Proven Systems

The Mindset Of Selling and Marketing. 

Learn Tiana's proven "Go Giver" mindset shifts that will help you get authentically EXCITED about sales and sharing your gifts in the business world.  

Your Product

 Learn how to Create a compelling, high ticket offer you can confidently charge between $1k and $5k for.  

Attraction Marketing

Learn how to ATTRACT your Dream Clients online using fun and proven social media and online marketing tactics.

Lead and Qualification Automation

Learn how to automate and qualify your leads through online forms and calendars in a specific Money Magnet Lady Boss system.

The Sales Call and The Close

Learn the exact questions to ask and an easy way to close your dream clients in a no pressure and authentic way. 

Testimonials and Case Studies

She signed over $4,000 CASH with pay in full clients in days with her brand new coaching business.

Brady Johnson is the owner of a very successful 6 figure business, Encompass Fitness Gym, in Canada. 

When we first started working together, Brady shared her vision of wanting to empower women to be authentic to their own voices and be true to themselves. She also had a personal goal to be able to create a location free business separate than her gym.

After designing her website and first automated funnel sequences, Brady started marketing her new coaching business and within one week she signed two pay in full cash clients!

She sold $4,200 in new coaching clients in 2 weeks and SOLD OUT her Sponsor Spots in ONE WEEK (4 months ahead of time)!

Holly Moses is the owner of a successful therapy practice with an expertise with "Wired Differently" children in North Carolina. 

When we started working together, Holly wanted to re-launch her course after failed attempts at launching as well as l launch her dream of being a speaker to create a more profitable and also passion based business with time freedom.

In Holly's words, "I was feeling defeated. Putting on my first live event with no sponsors. Tiana and I worked on mindset and everything changed! This week, I sold out of platinum level sponsorships. YES!"

Now Holly is on track with her course growth strategy and being paid to be a speaker and host of events while helping parents of ADD children.

Recently she decided she wanted to sell 1 on 1 coaching spots and after just 2 weeks of my "Selling with Soul" Strategies she closed over $4,200 in new coaching clients! 

Apply now to see if you're a fit for our next intake!

We only work with people who we feel confident we can support to achieve these results. Your success is our success. 

She made an extra $2,200 within 24 hours after a coaching call with Tiana.

Here's what Amanda shared....

"Tiana's vision boarding and goal setting exercises really work!

I sat down and followed her principles and within 24-hours two of the things that I had written down for myself happened! 

I brought in an additional $2,200 that I wasn't expecting and because of that my husband and I were able to go on a really great date night that I had envisioned during her call.

 I also love how positive Tiana always is and how much she believes that my dreams can come true."

From overworked, stressed and booked out Therapist to peaceful, prosperous Course Creator with a growing online reach.

Dr. Barbara Woods is the owner of a 7 figure Psychotherapy practice in Manitoba, Canada called Willow's Bend.

When we started working together, Barbara was wanting to expand her practice to also serve clients through courses and online therapy coaching as well. 

Since working 1 on 1 with Tiana she has a whole new outlook at online marketing and is has built and launched her first course (Bringing in Thousands on a 1st beta launch) to expand her practice online

She has a fast growing Facebook Group that we have grown to over 5,000 members and counting full of people excited to buy her new products and courses! 

Inspired Mommy Boss Testimonials 

About Inspired Mommy Boss CEO and Celebrity Business Strategist, Tiana Smith.

Tiana is the CEO of and has created her own 6 figure business working part-time with 2 young kids. She is also creator of the best selling Freedom Planner series.

Not only does Tiana have her undergrad from Berklee College of Music and her Masters Degree in New Media Marketing from Full Sail University, Tiana has set up hundreds of Brands and Funnels for all kinds of 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs, celebrities and companies like Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Dwight Yoakam, NBC, and Lilith Fair.

Tiana is committed to teaching her fellow mommy entrepreneurs how to be Money Magnet Lady Bosses by MASTERING their minds, their craft and marketing. 

Tiana is passionate about sharing her expertise and helping her fellow Mommy Bosses take back control of their bodies, lives, businesses and finances so they can have intentional time with their family and friends while living a life of time and financial freedom.